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Meet the Team


Project Development and Interior Design

Josh grew up 2nd of 5 children in Monterey Bay, CA to parents who were teachers. He studied Literature, Philosophy, and Religion in College, getting his BA and MA at Point Loma Nazarene University before moving to Colorado in 2006. He worked as a teacher, and in the social services field before landing in construction, where he has happily spent the last dozen years. Professionally, he has a knack for systems and process, is detail-oriented, and enjoys coming up with creative designs that are outside the box and serve a mix of form and function.

Josh is married and has a blended family of 5 children. In his spare time, he enjoys reading (especially Brene Brown), fitness and nutrition, hiking, and music, and has been vegan for 19 years.


Director of Field Operations

Justin Luna has had a passion for design and building almost all of his life. He enjoys working with a team of talented craftsmen to design, build and remodel homes. He studied architectural drafting in college and has been in the industry for over twenty years with a commitment to helping his customers design and build the house of their dreams. He is proud of the mission of Truth Design Build and is attentive to quality and details. 

Justin is also a dedicated husband, married for almost twenty years, and a loving father of four children, two boys and two girls, ages 10-15. He is also a proud owner of a little soft white dog named Gizmo who loves to sit on Justin’s lap or be at his side while he is working. One of Justin’s best qualities is the ability to remain calm during stressful situations. He enjoys hiking and recently started running again with his wife around the lake in the early morning. 


Project Manager

Lars grew up in Arvada, CO. After school he spent 5 years traveling overseas. While traveling he was inspired by the craftsmanship of centuries past and realized the continued need for craftsmanship in our present day, both in great works of art and in the homes of common folks. Lars then trained as a fine woodworker & began remodeling homes full-time in 2016. Professionally, Lars is driven to attend to the details and solve problems preemptively. His primary focus at present is utilizing construction software & technology to better prepare, organize and manage jobs. 

Lars is married and has two children. In his spare time, he enjoys playing guitar, reading books, and getting ice cream with his family. 


General Manager

Amanda is a Denver native with a background as an Elementary School teacher, Recruiter, Director of Recruitment, and Learning and Development Manager.  Her passions lie in learning, coaching, business development, and finding creative solutions to all kinds of business challenges.  Equity, social justice, and environmental protection are very important to her and she's proud to work for a company that walks the walk. 

She's always had a creative flair which has expressed itself in various ways including home remodel projects, house flipping, painting, decorating, photography, and gardening.  Amanda is married with five wild but wonderful children, a French Bulldog, 4 chickens, two rabbits, and more plants than she can count.  She spends her free time trying to keep all the creatures alive, working out, working on house projects, and outside in her gardens. 


Apprentice Carpenter

Paul and his wife recently relocated to Denver from his home state of Massachusetts. Seeking a healthier work-life balance, and the chance to more directly help members of his community, Paul decided to transition into construction from a prior career in video production and commercial advertising.

With long-term aspirations to become a Project Manager, Paul has committed to developing tactile skills of the trade as an Apprentice Carpenter. Doubling down on this commitment, Paul has enrolled in a part-time program at the University of Denver in pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and Project Management. Paul is used to wearing many hats, is detail-oriented, and has a knack for creative problem-solving.


Apprentice Carpenter

Sean is a native Coloradoan, a unicorn some say. He's spent the last 12 years of his life pursuing video production via a trip and fall out of a music career, and has found that his hands missed the calluses they once had before being sheltered in his pockets these few years as a director/DP on set. Thus, he decided it best to start a brand new career in carpentry.

When he's not busting drywall or cutting stuff on a mitre saw (mostly wood... mostly...) you can find him doing something, anything, that is labeled "craft." - craft coffee, craft beer, small batch spirits, leather crafting, and hockey. The last one is still a craft. He lives in Morrison with his beautiful wife and new baby boy of 1 year, and he already has his first callus.


Senior Designer

Ashley (Philadelphia University alumna, Bachelors of Science in Interior Design) is an award-winning designer with 7+ years of experience balancing beautiful design with functionality. She specializes in interiors and has a soft spot for historic structures, which remind her of the stunning adobes and Craftsman bungalows of her native San Diego.

Ashley’s lifelong love for the details of the world around us have made her a tour-de-force of interpreting our built environment. Ashley gains inspiration from and takes joy in historic buildings and the imaginative designs that exist all around us. She loves being a part of a home’s story and blending its character with the contemporary needs of her clients, whether it’s reinventing the architecture of a home or reimagining the details. All of the elements of color, massing, and texture should work together to create a space you never want to leave.


Senior Designer

Faris brings curiosity and cohesion to her focus on architectural + interior design, developing thoughtful solutions to spatial and functional challenges, while maintaining consideration for the holistic intent. With 8+ years in the remodeling industry and a background in Scandinavian furniture, styling, and customer service, Faris guides clients through complex design projects with vision, creativity, and an extensive knowledge of construction and materials. She is a published and award-winning designer with a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Jefferson University.


Beyond design, Faris’ creative flair extends to fabulous hats, vintage treasures, fantasy novels, and crafting epic breakfast bowls. She spends weekends checking out Denver’s freshest destinations with her wife and relaxing with their two rescue pups.  


Lead Carpenter

James is a Colorado native. He was born in Aurora, but has also lived in both Montana and Oklahoma City. He's spent many years in both the commercial and residential building industry and loves the challenges and differences that they both bring. He has a love and passion for beauty in craftsmanship and design as well as building relationships that last. He is consistantly looking for ways to grow in the craft.

James is also a musician and songwriter, he's spent time overseas, loves cooking, perfecting his lawn, reading, sports, and the art of quality coffee.