Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to create inspired living spaces through a unified approach to design, cost, and feasibility. We empower clients to make decisions that serve their interests through our focus on transparency, reliability, and connection.

We believe intentional design cultivates well-being. In every element of our work, we strive to set the precedent for the industry by delivering a positive customer and employee experience rooted in professionalism, innovation, quality, and sustainability.

Our Values

We are respectful
  • Respect everyone in the way you listen, act, and speak
  • Respect everyone’s roles and needs equally
  • Go out of your way to show you care about the people around you
  • Respect your own time and that of others. Everything you do should be adding value to the company. Be very conscious of whether that is true
  • Impact is always greater than intent
  • Relationships first
  • Communication is key
  • Integrity and kindness matter
  • We believe in ourselves and each other
  • We forgive ourselves and others when we make mistakes and need to grow
We are collaborative
  • We take care of ourselves so that we can show up for the team
  • We communicate directly to resolve issues, speak respectfully and honestly in a way that improves teamwork and builds relationships, even when it’s uncomfortable
We remove friction
  • We are like WD40, removing friction everywhere we go
  • We look for ways to make other people’s jobs easier. Do those things and help others do them too
  • We minimize waste
    • Wasted materials, time, effort, and unnecessary tasks
We embrace uncertainty
  • We have a growth mindset. Approach newness with curiosity and openness, not defensiveness or dismissal
  • We recognize what we don’t know
  • We ask how we can support others and ask for support for ourselves.
  • When things get hard, we find ways to keep our cool
  • We persevere
We take ownership
  • For our projects, our time, our decisions, our growth, our insecurities, questions, and mistakes
We create things to be proud of
  • Our work is to the highest of standards
  • We catch mistakes and move to fix them, then do better next time




How do we activate our mission in our business operations?

We donate 10% of our profits annually to charities addressing housing crisis and climate change including The Denver Basic Income Project (listen to the story on CPR News!) and Colorado Village Collaborative. We encourage our clients to donate more if they can!

We deconstruct rather than demolish, use zero VOC paints, LED lights, and donate any reusable items. We encourage our clients to use sustainable materials whenever possible and to go solar.

We are committed to creating an all electric vehicle fleet (we currently have reservations for the Tesla Cybertruck, and the Ford F150 Lighting).

We have quarterly volunteer work days that empower our employees to make a positive impact in the community..

We provide living wages to our employees, as well as health insurance, generous time off, and profit sharing.

Award-Winning Design and Service

Truth Design Build is focused on creating a unique and positive experience for homeowners. We have implemented the same processes and procedures as large companies – but with the personalized service and care of a smaller company.

Our team has built everything from bathroom remodels to duplexes, restaurants, and custom homes, and we can provide clarity, precision, and creativity on just about any kind of job.