Observatory Park Primary Bath

This newly purchased home was the perfect size for our client’s growing family. The house, having been expanded on and renovated by the previous owners was the right size but not quite the right style. The house was full of design elements that may have been “cool” in the early 2000s but just didn’t feel right for a young family.

The master bathroom was in the most serious need of redo with many, many square feet of dingy and somewhat depressing deep red granite tile with diamond accents in black granite. The bathroom felt dark and dingy. Together with our clients, we set out on our mission to efficiently turn this room into an inviting and happy place for our clients. Thankfully the layout of the space was very functional, so we focused on an aesthetic overhaul. At the top of the client’s list was to have a beautiful and comfortable freestanding soaker tub.

Behind the Kohler tub and throughout the bathroom walls is polished Calacatta Gold marble tile. The new brushed nickel plumbing fixtures are timeless and unfussy, an important thing for busy young parents! The new bathroom is sleek but not stark. A welcoming space for our clients to feel at home.