How to Prepare for a Home Renovation

Are you gearing up for a home renovation? Now’s your chance to get ready for the remodel with some smart, proactive planning.

You’re in good company because home renovations are on the rise. According to a nationwide remodeling survey, 90% of contractors/remodelers have seen their work increase in the past few years, and 60% have seen an increase in the size/scale of whole-house remodels.

As you plan for your renovation, Truth Design Build of Denver is here to help you feel fully prepared. Here are our top tips.

Take Your “Before” Photos

Before you do anything else, take “before” photos that show the current state of your house. It’s okay if you’re frustrated with how it looks now. This will only highlight the enormously positive impact of the renovation in your “after” photos.

Take up-close and full-view pictures of your main living areas like your kitchen, den/living room, dining room, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Open every door and closet. Capture anything that’s not working now and looks too small, dark, or outdated. Include photos of any floors and cabinets that will be completely different after the remodel.

Make sure to capture images of every corner of your house that will be impacted by the renovation, including the areas outside the main living areas like your front entrance, garage, and storage closets. These humble zones of your house are often surprisingly beautiful after a renovation.

Plan the Budget, Calendar, and Approvals

The more carefully planned your project is, the more successful it will be. Establish who will be the central point of contact between your family and your designer-builder. Work with them to seek the proper regulatory approvals and permits long before your project begins.

Create a calendar and budget that will keep everything on track. Your remodeler will likely lead the date-planning aspect of your project due to big picture variables, like the availability of raw materials, labor, and city planning officials.

Create a Digital/Physical Plan

As you plan for the remodel, prepare for the digital access you and your team will need to your digitally-stored documents, as well as physical access to paper documents. There are many tools available to collaborate with everyone involved in your renovation. Make sure each member of the team has access to stay up-to-date. Organize your contracts, receipts, and idea boards for easy reference as you work with your designer-builder and other people involved in the renovation process.

Are you staying in the home during the remodel or relocating somewhere else? If you’re staying, communicate with your family about your plan for physical access. For example, they might need to use an alternate route to get to their bedrooms or bathrooms for the duration of the renovation.

Clean and Declutter

Before the first day of the renovation, do a major cleaning and decluttering to remove excess items from the construction zone. There’s always a risk that anything nearby could become dusty or damaged, so it’s best to box and store the majority of your belongings outside the remodeling area.

Protect your most valuable items and consider moving expensive or sentimental belongings to a friend or relative’s home. This puts your mind at ease so you can focus on the remodel instead of your valuables.

Anything that remains in the renovation zone should be discussed with your designer-builder and covered carefully with plastic sheeting. This includes light fixtures and other features that can’t be removed from the walls.

Make Security Arrangements

A home remodel should happen as securely as possible. Because there will be numerous people in and out of your house, it’s essential to establish a security plan that includes locking doors, checking windows, and re-setting the security system as needed.

Double-check that your digital access will stay secure, too. For example, if guest users will access your in-home Wi-Fi during the remodel, use guest passwords and keep an eye on who’s accessing your network.

Make safe and secure arrangements for children, pets, and anyone who has special mobility or medication needs. If someone in your home must have electricity to power a medical device, for example, ensure you have a plan in case of a sudden electrical interruption during the remodel.

Plan for Your Food Prep

Preparing food during a remodel can be challenging, particularly if your kitchen is at the heart of your remodel. Plan to order food delivery or eat elsewhere during the busiest phases of construction. Help your family understand the new routine.

Double-check with your construction manager about the availability of appliances like your stove, microwave, and refrigerator. With good communication, food storage and preparation can happen smoothly for the duration of your renovation.

Close Off Non-Remodeling Areas (and Try to Relax!)

Finally, close off any rooms that aren’t involved in the renovation, separating them with plastic barriers and marking them with signs for easy reference as workers move through your home. During the project, you can use one of these spaces as a construction-free zone where you and your family can kick back and relax.

So, are you ready to start the renovation magic? When you work with Truth Design Build, we ensure your Denver remodel goes as smoothly as possible. To learn more, take a look at our renovation services and contact us to talk about your project.

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