Remodel or Build a New Custom Home? Tips for Homeowners

Should you build new or remodel? Perhaps you’ve outgrown your current home or it no longer suits your style. Maybe you’re just ready to enjoy something new!

In this article, we’ll go through a list of key considerations that can help you make the right decision between a new home build or remodeling your existing home.

Number of Bedrooms and Bathrooms

A common complaint is a lack of enough bedrooms or bathrooms to support a growing family. U.S. Census figures show that more than a third of newly-built homes have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but many homeowners wish they had more.

A skilled designer-builder can find ways to increase your home’s square footage while including enough bedrooms and bathrooms to fit your needs. Unused space in your backyard or side yard could become a luxurious new primary bedroom with a spa-style bathroom.

Alternatively, you can grow up instead of out. Add an entire second-floor or third-floor addition, welcoming plenty of new space and sunlight.

Remodeling comes with the benefit of raising the value of your existing home. A Forbes study found that homeowners spent about $100 per square foot to remodel compared to $150 per square foot to build a new home.

Still, the added cost of building a custom home is always worth it. Your custom home can be designed to your exact specifications, ensuring you and your family will experience maximum enjoyment for many years into the future.

Kitchen Style

An out-of-date kitchen is a major motivation to start a home building project. A post-pandemic home renovation study found that a kitchen renovation brings a 75% return on investment and addresses homeowners’ top concerns about worn-out fixtures, finishes, and materials.

You don’t have to delay your dream of owning a luxury kitchen. Whether you choose to remodel or build something new, you’ll get excellent value out of making stylish and functional kitchen upgrades.

Getting the kitchen you want clearly can be addressed by either remodeling or a new build. Discuss your concerns with a design build firm to determine how extensive your kitchen renovation would need to be. If your goals extend far beyond your existing kitchen’s capabilities, it’s time to start planning a bigger construction project.

Open Floor Plan

Tired of your boxy, claustrophobic floor plan? You’re in good company. Open floor layouts have been in high demand among U.S. homeowners for quite a while now.

Yet you’ve probably noticed that many historic Denver homes have the complete opposite of open floor plans. Many Victorian and Tudor-style homes include traditional, boxy, closed-off room layouts. In the past, this provided privacy and noise-dampening during an earlier era when home insulation was less effective.

Today, you can custom-build a home with any layout or style you desire. You can also remodel your existing home to update it with a much more open floor plan or add eco-friendly features that take your home to a new level of sustainability and comfort.

Here’s how to decide on remodeling vs. building in terms of your home’s overall floor plan or existing design style.

If a wide open design is your top priority and nothing else would suffice, you’ll probably need to build a new home from the ground up to accomplish the airy look you’re envisioning. However, if you’d feel satisfied with just an open-concept kitchen and living room, a high-end home renovation from a luxury builder may fit the bill.

Closets and Storage

Storage space is one of the all-time most requested home features. It’s hard to enjoy your home when it feels cluttered and stuffed with your belongings.

There’s no need to build an entirely new home just for more storage room! Consider a pop-top home addition for extra storage and living space.

You can also add an expertly designed garage, storage shed, carriage house, or guest room quarters with plenty of room for storage. With some creative thinking, remodeling is an excellent solution to add ample storage space to your home.


There’s one thing no home renovation can ever accomplish: moving your home to a new location. If you’ve fallen out of love with where your home is located, it’s time to make a move and design the home of your dreams.

Talk to Truth Design Build, Denver’s experienced custom home designer-builder. We have the expertise to build your new home from scratch or renovate your current home into the luxury space you’ve always desired.

We excel in designing new builds and home remodels to exceed your expectations.