4 Eco-Friendly Elements for Your Colorado Luxury Home

It’s a myth that a luxury home can’t be eco-friendly. Some of today’s most impressive homes are filled with green features, preserving precious resources while offering luxurious lifestyles.

Whether you’re building something new or embarking on a whole-home makeover, you can incorporate environmentally beneficial elements into the design. Here are four eco-friendly concepts to consider for your home.

Sun-Soaking Solar Power

Can solar power support an entire luxury home? In the past, the answer was no. But today’s solar market is far more advanced.

Technological innovations allow smaller solar cells to capture and deliver massive power to residential structures. The most efficient home solar panels and battery storage can handle an entire household’s power needs day and night, all year long. To calculate your home’s solar potential, try the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s photovoltaic wattage calculator.

After installing a solar system, you’ll enjoy low-cost home power for decades to come. A well-built system can also increase the value of your home in the long run. An environment-conscious potential buyer will be thrilled to discover your home is already prepped to take advantage of solar power.

Colorado was the first state in the nation to have an official Renewable Energy Standard, and it remains among the top 15 states for solar adoption. Many homes and buildings are now approaching or achieving net zero energy status, where they produce as much energy as they consume.

By adding solar features to your home, you can take advantage of significant state tax breaks and IRS tax incentives. The U.S. Department of Energy encourages all homeowners to consider investing in passive solar solutions during new home builds and home renovations. And there’s nothing quite like getting to brag to the neighbors about your low electricity bill.

Rainwater Collection and Reuse System

When you think of a rainwater collection system, you might picture ugly plastic barrels and white PVC pipes. Your luxury home deserves a much better design!

A modern rainwater collection system is both functional and beautiful, fully integrated into the stylish design and architecture. Some water-conscious homeowners opt to make the rainwater system completely invisible and built right into the structural framework of the roof or deck. Another option is to design a standout water feature to provide soothing sound and movement while highlighting your dedication to water preservation. 

Today’s rainwater management systems can hold vast amounts of water, though Colorado law does place limits on rainwater storage capacity. Repurpose rainwater for daily landscape watering, powering a water feature, or even moderating the temperature of your home. As a rule of thumb, one inch of rainwater from a 2,000-square-foot roof delivers about 1,000 gallons of usable water.

Lush Organic Gardens

Do you enjoy eating a healthy diet? Is it a priority to have fresh, organic produce on hand? Consider adding a landscape of nutritious, delicious edible plants in your yard.

Ecological design is one of the top home trends of 2023. Homeowners want to feed their families from their backyard gardens while also accomplishing environmental victories like supporting garden pollinators and growing more native plants.

For an upscale look, start with thoughtful planning of high-end hardscaping and structural elements. Look closely at the world’s most beautiful gardens, and you’ll see a carefully-designed backdrop of attractive raised beds, stonework borders, trellises, self-watering systems, and other hardworking garden features.

Ensure your garden plan incorporates your home’s unique characteristics including its terrain, orientation, soil, and sun exposure. With smart planning and savvy design, your edible landscape will become a beloved personal oasis.

Eco-Friendly Home Designer-Builder

The most important element of your eco-friendly home is the home designer-builder. To accomplish the outstanding designs described above, develop a close partnership with a reputable builder who understands modern ecological design and meets green building standards

At Truth Design Build, we have a strong team of Denver’s most experienced designers and builders. Eco-friendly designs are a key part of our repertoire, and we’d love to help you create a home that seamlessly blends luxury with the natural environment.

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