Expert Tips to Create Your Dream Luxury Kitchen

A high-end kitchen sparkles when it incorporates luxury into all the finest details. It’s a place where you want the best of convenience, functionality, and style.

Achieving that unique combination is no easy task. As your dreams turn into plans for your kitchen, here are some tips on how to cast a vision and make it a reality.

Envision Using Your Kitchen

First, consider how you’ll use your kitchen in your day-to-day life. Is someone in your family an avid cook? Do you have a hired chef who will frequently prepare meals for your family?

Ensure the most frequently used items will be easily accessible. To maintain a high-end look, combine function with style in every decision you make. Minimize clutter and create customized nooks for kitchen items.

Cabinetry is among the most important investments in your new kitchen and adds significant value. Bespoke kitchen cabinets can be custom designed to suit your home’s elegant look. You can customize the interiors of the cabinets to fit your dishware and cookware and offer easy access to the items you use most.

A luxury kitchen shouldn’t be bound by tradition, so free yourself to consider new ideas. If you dislike the look of a standard refrigerator, install an under-counter refrigerator/freezer instead. If you’ve always wanted two kitchen islands, add them both. You can even take it a step further by adding a statement chandelier. Now’s the time to design for your desires.

Consider the Views From Many Angles

Is your kitchen Instagram-worthy? Having a photogenic kitchen is one of the year’s top trends. Even if you never post it on social, you want a kitchen that reflects your sophisticated aesthetic.

A well-designed kitchen welcomes guests while a poorly designed one feels uncomfortable. As people visit your home, they’ll inevitably end up in or around the kitchen. Plan accordingly, picturing how your kitchen will look from many vantage points: while seated in kitchen chairs, at the kitchen sink, from the living room, etc.

Are there any potentially ugly views or awkward angles? Pay close attention to areas with outlets and cords, which need thoughtful planning. Add organizing solutions like deep rolling drawers in your center island or a butler’s pantry to keep clutter out of sight.

Add Luxurious Details

It’s the details of a high-end kitchen that set it apart from an ordinary kitchen. Every choice of materials will impact the overall style of your space.


Any kitchen designer knows about the classic work triangle of the sink, refrigerator, and stove. These three areas should generally be within easy proximity, but there’s no hard-and-fast rule about their locations. Your comfort comes above all else in the layout of your kitchen.


Quartz, granite, and marble are classic choices for kitchen countertops. You might be surprised to learn that alternative materials like concrete and bamboo are now gaining popularity in high-end kitchens. Even a classic, hardworking butcher block can be spotted in some of today’s most stylish kitchens.


Higher-end appliances offer sleek, shiny surfaces with an upscale feel you don’t find in other kitchens. Plus, better components with advanced technology yield more efficient and quiet operation in your kitchen.


Silver and stainless steel have been popular in kitchens for more than a decade due to their durability and understated elegance. A well-designed silver-toned kitchen looks like a gourmet chef’s environment, perfectly clean and ready for food preparation.

If you prefer a more glamorous look, consider gold, rose gold, or brass tones. Mixed metals, including copper, dark gray, and black metals, are also gaining popularity among homeowners who want unique finishes in their kitchens.


As a general rule of thumb, more light is better in kitchens, but dimmer switches in key zones will allow fully adjustable lighting. Use a blend of task lighting and overhead lights to create inviting pools of light around the room. The right lighting transforms your kitchen from ordinary to extraordinary.

Are you ready for your ultimate kitchen renovation? Find out more about how we can help you build the luxury kitchen you’ve always wanted.