Squiggle Dot Modern Bath

PEAK 2023: Best Medium Bathroom


This primary suite remodel was phase 3 for one of our favorite returning clients!  They have a fun aesthetic, and we took full advantage of their adventurous taste in this remodel, leaning into patterns and moments of contrast throughout the space

  • These clients operate on different morning routines, so it was important that one of them was able to enter the bathroom and have access to their closet without making multiple trips back into the bedroom while getting ready.  The new design allows them to enter the bathroom, close the door, and not reenter the bedroom until they’re ready to go for the day.
  • The clients were in desperate need of additional closet space.  With an excess of space in the existing bedroom area of their suite, we were able to redistribute their square footage and give them two sizable closets
  • Commode Room The existing primary bathroom had a shared shower + toilet room, in the remodel we were able to give them a separate commode room and the functionality they were looking for.
  • Vanity Storage The original vanity cabinetry left a lot to be desired, we were able to outfit them both a large drawer base and a pullout base on either side of their sinks
  • Shower- The existing shower was a nice size, but it had a small bench and small storage niches.  We were able to enlarge the shower, create a nice comfy bench, and give them a recessed niche with plenty of storage space (while tucking it out of sight).
  • Steam Shower Ready They also wanted the option to add a steam shower in the future, if they wanted to. So we tiled the ceiling, installed steam shower glass enclosure, and included a chase for the future steam until to live in
  • Aesthetics These clients love a good accent tile, and so do we!  This layout gave us some amazing sightlines with opportunities for show stopping tile.  The vanity backsplash and shower wall are both handmade tiles with a serpentine pattern and dot accents that add a sense of play to the space.  There is also a repetition of dots in this space- first in the flooring, but again in the cabinetry hardware and light fixtures.  For an extra pop we also included metallic tiger wallpaper in the commode room that pulls from the colors of the vanity accent tile.